Before we begin: custom questions.

Thank you for reaching out about a custom piece.

If you are interested in commissioning a custom piece from McKenzie please read this information below to see if something one of a kind is right for you! Custom pieces start at $400. Please read the information below as well as Custom guidelines and information.

***Please do not contact us about a custom project unless you are absolutely ready to proceed. Designing these pieces takes a lot of time.

If you are looking for a design that is available through MPC, (bestie, nesting, memento, eclipse, mountain, aurora, audrey, etc.) please contact MPC to work with them. Customs are not a way to get an MPC design outside of the waitlist and lotto events.

To get started on a custom piece, McKenzie needs to know just a little more about what you are wanting to have created. 

Don’t worry about knowing exactly what you want the design to look like, She is here to help with that.

The first design phase will consist of 4 pieces for you from information you have provided. After this, up to three design revisions may happen to make sure you will be getting a piece you love. When you choose a design you like, a deposit for half of the project is due. This deposit secures your completion date and purchases your materials for production.

Here is a list of things McKenzie likes to know about before she begins:

  • What you would like to wear. A necklace, ring, bracelet, earrings, brooch…
  • Some images or descriptions of styles you like. If you provide images, what details in each piece are you attracted to?
  • An image of any stones or old jewelry you want to use for the piece that you have on hand with scale references. Or any stones that you would like to add to the piece that I will need to seek out for you. 
  • What metals you like. Gold, silver, textured metals, brushed metals, shiny, etc.
  • Your overall maximum budget for the project. This will help determine what materials can be used. 
  • Your timeline. This will be crucial in how fast we will need to work together to get the project done.

If you live in Central Oregon, please set up an appointment to meet with McKenzie at her studio. In person meetings are preferred.

Due to the high volume of custom inquiries, a first come first serve basis is set. Normally 3 to 4 months from finished design to completed piece is required.


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