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Inspiration Monday: New York City

A week in NYC!

Back in August Adam and I took a little trip to New York City for a show I was invited to called Metal+Smith. We took this opportunity to spend a week in the Big Apple and see the sights.

This was my first time to New York, so I really didn’t know what to expect. It has always been an intimidating city to me. So much so, that when I graduated college the careers office strongly suggested it would be best to look for job openings there, to which I said, “no thanks lady.”

Upon our arrival the feeling sunk in that this was going to be an adventure good or great. Our sweet friend who we call with affection Gordo, was generous enough to let us stay in his apartment that was a small 3 room space in Brooklyn. And when I say 3 room I mean bedroom, bathroom, living space with kitchen. We were really doin it up New York style. With a toast to our arrival we were sent to bed feeling happy to be reunited with a friend who feels more like family.


Gordo was excited to have us in New York to share his city with us. I really got to see that people do not live the same way here. It works on a whole other level than what now seemed like a sleepy town back in Oregon. On our first day we made sure to squeeze in some sight seeing while we ran our errands, our first view being from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade looking out over the Hudson at Manhattan and Lady Liberty off in the distance. Adam and I were gob smacked. Then and there we were really in New York. As much as this view was my favorite first New York moment. I have to say my by far favorite part of this first day was shopping for succulents at Trader Joe’s. For some reason that is where Adam and I go when we are at a show to find little friends to liven up out display. Gordo thought this was the weirdest best thing he had ever done in New York. So when we left for Oregon we gave him the plants we purchased. All affectionately named after bands that get the job done by kicking down the door. Jack and Meg from the White Stripes and 3 plants in one pot named Sleater Kinney: Carey, Corin and Janet.

So the show was not the best after all. We spent two days of our trip in Manhattan at the Metal+Smith show. The attendance was minimal and we felt that the show was not run for the benefit of the artists. I could say more, but there was so much good stuff about our trip, we called the show a wash and decided to spend the rest of the trip enjoying the city and our time with a dear friend.



Top 5 moments.


  1. The subway. I love riding public transportation when I’m in a big city. I feel that you always get the best mix of people here. I have to say one of the best moments was seeing Adam have a New York moment when he got off the subway in the middle of downtown Manhattan on a Monday morning. He kinda just stood there for a beat looked up and then all around and then before getting trampled headed in the direction of the show. Later he told me he had a whole experience of mixed emotions.
  2. The architecture. Gordo took us on a sight seeing tour starting with Grand Central Station. A behemoth inside and out of Beaux Arts. The ceiling was my favorite, painted a a green turquoise with gold constellations. From there we walked to the New York Public Library then on 30 Rock, 5th avenue and ending our walk with Central Park. There were so many buildings we passed that had gorgeous facades, that despite the heat and humidity I could have strolled along the streets there all day just taking in the view.
  3. The parks. Our first experience in one of these giant green spaces was Prospect Park. A quiet oasis just a short walk away from Gordo’s apartment. Designed by the same folks that thought up Central Park we compared the two and it was clear that they created these beautiful open and lush urban jungles to be a quiet retreat for people and our furry and feathered friends. Speaking of which we did see a heron in Central Park! It reminded me of the Heron in The Third Angel that Alice Hoffman writes about. So cool!
  4. The people. Honestly. A huge group of people that will not move out of your way while there way to work but if they bump into you they will say sorry. Scary, but also nice.
  5. The food. We ate all sorts of different food fare from low end to high end and I must say it was all fantastic. Of course we had someone steering us in the right direction. My favorite food moment was when the show ended and we got amazing take out pizza. I am not great with dairy or gluten, it kinda beats me up, but this was worth it! We almost finished the whole pizza but were taken over by sleep. That benefited us as the following night Gordo treated us to a fancy pants dinner where each plate was a small work of culinary art. The kind that you remember for a while but still leaves you hungry. Oh hello left over pizza!

So there you have it. Just a snippet of our trip. A whole different world contained on an island just 3,000 miles away from home.


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