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McKenzie Mendel Jewelry

Moonflower Necklace

Moonflower Necklace

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Inspired by a book about night blooming flowers, this lovely necklace is like a flower in a garden only lit by the light of the moon. What a dreamy experience that would be!

Night blooming flowers are often associated with growth during difficult times. What a beautiful symbolism. 

Handmade from recycled sterling silver with 18k yellow gold wire to highlight the lovely shape of the petals 2 champagne diamonds and dots are set like little dewdrops around a beautiful C&T variscite with colors of green, blue, and goldish brown.

Hangs on a 24 inch chain. Please let me know if you need a different length.

Arrives to you in a special gift box.

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  • Care Instructions

    Silver will naturally oxidize over time. I provide a dip and wipes that you can use on any jewelry I make. Commercial dips can be very harsh on surface treatments and porous stones. Try to avoid dipping any porous stones in the solution such as pearls, turquoise, variscites, opals, and jaspers. Q tips are great to get around the stones. If your piece has keum boo on it do not soak your piece in the jewelry dip. Usually a quick dip and immediate rinse in water with soap will clean your piece. Gold pieces can be shined and cleaned with my polishing wipes I provide and if you need to get behind a stone use hot soapy water and a soft toothbrush. If the piece is already oxidized and needs to be cleaned, hot soapy water or a soft cloth work well.