The process and journey of a small jewelry company

Friday Reflection

How are you? It’s been so long. My small family of 2 fur babies and 2 people has been holding up in whats feeling like a bubble bouncing around to …

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Inspiration Monday: New York City

A week in NYC! Back in August Adam and I took a little trip to New York City for a show I was invited to called Metal+Smith. We took this ...
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Inspiration Monday: 20 days

This time of year is all about creating new designs. It's usually a time when I release my Spring Collection, and start to make new one of a kind pieces ...
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Inspiration Monday: Tucson

The Gem Show Almost a month ago Adam and I flew down to Tucson for our first trip to the Gem Show. It was an overwhelming experience mixed with fun. ...
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Inspiration Monday: Gold

When I started making my jewelry full time I felt that I didn’t really have a direction of where my style was. Or at least I didn’t think so. I …

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Inspiration Monday: Sights. Nature.

Recently I refreshed my Artists Statement feeling that after 6 years it was probably a good time to look at what has changed about my work and some of my …

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Inspiration Monday: Year’s Reflection

2018 seemed so long and so short to me. I don’t really pay too much attention to the passing of months as a big change, but rather the seasons. Spring …

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Inspiration Monday: Collaboration

Collaboration in the woods Over the past week Adam and I were part of Frogwood Collaboration in Colton, Oregon with 36 artists. There were furniture builders, wood turners, jewelers, blacksmiths, ...
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Inspiration Monday: Italian Craftsmanship

It's always fascinating to me to talk to people that really love what they do. This to me is so inspiring, even when I am unfamiliar with the process. There ...
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Inspiration Monday: Italy and Belgium, all the senses

Italy and Belgium Italian wine was the the first mission, and after that was conquered, we went for the Belgian beer and chocolate. Did I eat and drink my way ...
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