Handmade Everyday Jewelry

I believe jewelry is here to symbolize who we are and how we feel. My jewelry is here for the woman who is confident, strong and beautiful inside and out. All of my pieces are made by hand from start to finish in the heart of Bend, Oregon. Shop my selection of bold mixed metal necklaces and earrings in silver and gold. Choose from pieces that are great for everyday wear to pieces that stand out from the crowd and make a statement. This jewelry is made to last through the trends that come and go and to travel with you through your journey called life.

Wonders of Oregon

These beautiful stones are all from my home state of Oregon. Oregon... 


Pearls are the goddesses of the sea. Bold metals and soft pearls... 

  • Beautiful Jewelry to Fit Your Lifestyle

    I'm thrilled to offer a classic selection of jewelry for your unique life! My variety of necklaces, earrings and rings is designed to be simple yet elegant so you feel beautiful every time you put it on. A unique mix of silver and gold, darks and lights, will work with you from day to night and last your ever changing styles through the years. Whether you are looking to accessorize for your wedding, looking for an every day piece, or something one of a kind, this is the jewelry you have been looking for.

    Each piece is designed and made by hand in my studio in Bend Oregon. I believe my products to be the quality and lasting beauty you deserve. Wear this jewelry to mark a special occasion. Wear this jewelry to make you feel strong. Wear this jewelry just because you love it!