Custom Guidelines and Information

Hey there! This is McKenzie. I wanted to take a moment to let you know the guidelines I have for working together on a custom piece. This is a very involved and time consuming process from start to finish and I always work closely with my customers as we get to know each other through our conversations.  I would like you to read this before we start, with the intention that we can have an enjoyable experience in working together. Thank you!

If you would like to work with me to create a custom one of a kind piece for you, your partner, friend, or loved one. Then I welcome you to the custom process with me! I do have some things for you to consider before we proceed. Please start by reading this page and the Custom inquiry section. It has the list of questions I will need you to answer to start designing.

Before I start designing, please note that you can expect to spend anywhere from $500 to $5000+. Custom pieces are more expensive than some of the jewelry you will see on my website. The reason for this is because they take more time. It’s best to know your budget before we begin. If you aren’t sure, but have a maximum, I can work below and around that number by giving you options within a price range. Please do not compare the quote you are getting to anything that is in stock on my site. Every detail within a piece is part of the overall price. I hand draw each design I give you and I try to give you variation within each design that sticks to your vision but also gives you something unexpected and unique. It takes hours of thought, time and conversation back and forth with you before the drawing begins. The process to make your custom piece also takes more time and energy than my other works, because I am creating something that is a blend of our two visions with a level of innovation.

I can only accomplish so many custom pieces in a month. I can’t finish custom pieces within a month to a month and a half from when I am contacted. This is not a place for rushed service. It takes time and care to complete something this special and unique.  I am usually booked out two months or further. Our time frame also depends on our communication. The longer we take to get back to each other pushes your finish date back as well. If you need time to think about something please let me know.

Before I start drawing designs for you, I take a 10% deposit based on the estimated price of the piece. This is transferable and non refundable. The 10% deposit is a way for me to make sure that I am covering at least some of my energy to design for you if you abandon the project. Getting to work with a client is an exciting opportunity for me and I hope for you as well. It is always disheartening for me when a client disappears after the design process, so I ask that you stick with it if it’s something you really want to do.

You are welcome to share any information that you deem as important for me to know for the designs. Sometimes this involves a little family history, or what your hobbies are. You can also share photos with me. I will not be offended if you share other designers’ jewelry. Sometimes this gives me a clear picture of your taste. I will not copy anyone’s designs that are not my own. If you are showing me only other people’s designs and none of it looks like anything I make, or are requesting ideas that I haven’t done or do not do, I will ask you to find another jeweler. My skills and designs should be the reason you are approaching me. My website has a clear portfolio of my design aesthetic that you can view at any time.

How we communicate is important. I am better at keeping our conversations organized if we communicate through email or in person. Everything you tell me will be written down and considered for the design. Text messages, Instagram messages and Facebook messages are a good way for information to get lost. I’ve found I cannot keep track of these conversations if they are broken up in different platforms. Email is best even after we have met face to face. You are welcome to call me as well, as long as we set a time to talk.  

The design phase: You will receive 3-4 initial drawings for your custom piece within a small range of your overall budget. Sometimes I get it right the first time and a drawing is chosen from the first batch of ideas. This is the time for you to make suggestions of changes you would like to be made or alterations to a certain design. I will allow up to 2 more revisions and/or changes. Any more revisions after this a $100 fee will be collected for each revision after that. This fee will not be rolled into the overall budget. I try my best to get your vision within the jewelry. If I do not have it right after the third try, we will need to talk some more about what you would like so I can get more information from you.

Once you have chosen a design that you like, you will be invoiced for 50% of the total amount I’ve quoted for the project. You can pay credit card, cash or check. This is non refundable and secures your materials. Once you have paid your deposit, it may take a couple weeks to a month for me to complete the piece. I ask that you do not request any changes after the deposit is made. A change could affect the price, and if I’ve already started the piece, it could interfere with the whole process. I do not record my process of making the piece. I’ve found that I tend to forget to document the process and it slows me down. I will only reach out to you if there is a problem or if my timeline has changed. So don’t worry if you haven’t heard from me once I’ve confirmed your design. It just means I’m busy, but have your deadline on lock down. 

When the jewelry is complete, I will let you know and collect the remaining balance that is due before shipping or handing over the jewelry. If for any reason you do not complete the final deposit and have stopped communicating with me or have changed your mind. I will keep your piece and sell it on my website. If you are unhappy with the finished piece, we can discuss why you are unhappy and try to resolve the issue. Custom pieces are non refundable and non returnable. 

I can adjust sizing over time as well as clean and maintain all custom pieces that I create free of charge. 

If your custom piece is brought to a separate jeweler for alterations other than sizing, I am not responsible for any damage done to the piece or repairing any work that has been done outside of my shop. 

For more information visit my FAQ section.