Semi Custom Jewelry

I make what I call "semi-custom" pieces all the time! These are pieces that you have seen on my site that you really like, but maybe you don't love the stone. 

If you are interested in working with me on a semi custom piece, just email me the piece you want me to re create and what stone/s you are interested in. I will email you back with an assortment of stones to consider. 

All of the jewelry on my site can be made with different stone options except for the work in the One of a Kind section and any Custom Jewelry.

Full payment is due once the stone has been picked. Semi custom pieces are non refundable. Pricing is the same or similar to the piece you would like re created depending on the variation in design and stone size. 

I will only re create piece from my website and not other artists work.

*DSG customers: For any DSG creations please contact Shawna to be added to her waitlist.