Friday Reflection

How are you? It’s been so long. My small family of 2 fur babies and 2 people has been holding up in whats feeling like a bubble bouncing around to the same places over and over again. Home, studio, home. And a walk around the neighborhood every morning.

The things that sustain me are my dogs, Adam and my work. I have never been so grateful for these things in my life. What a perspective. Hotwire and Fritz take each moment as something new. They eat the same thing everyday and we take the same walk everyday, but they arrive at the moment as this wonderful new and exciting thing to do and experience. They are living in the day to day. Can we come to that presence of mind in our own lives? Is that possible? Of course Adam and I are seeing a lot of each other. We are with each other 24/7 at home and work. This doesn’t bother either of us. We were built for this. One thing we have noticed is that we are getting really good at cooking. I have always enjoyed cooking. It’s a different form of art that I get to experiment with. But now we are getting really into trying recipes we have enjoyed at restaurants that seem difficult to achieve. Adam is trying to make the best hash browns in the world. We only eat these once a week. There is so much oil and butter that goes into them. But worth it! Who is still counting calories? Not me. I had a brownie with my morning coffee because, living in the present?

I have still been going to work. I’ve always been slightly worried about whether I can sustain my passion through my lifetime. Hoping my body holds up or that I continue to have ideas and passion to create. Now it seems so fragile. So precious. I just want to continue to make my work. I love what I do. I love connecting with my clients and sharing the beautiful moments that are symbols in pieces of jewelry. Little representations of places in life. Metal is how I see the world. Its my language for my soul. I want to keep making, the process is the passion, so I’ll continue to make as long as I can. Because it makes sense to me in a senseless time.

I’m going to continue to write little things here and there, and send them to you. I don’t know what you need or how and if I can help. But I hope that looking at jewelry and reading something that isn’t the news gives you a moment to be. Inspiration Monday is on hiatus. Or maybe this is still it, but different. No big moments, but more quiet moments. Something to reflect on moments. Those can be inspiring too. Here is this one last thing for you. Have you been listening to The Beatles? Adam and I have been bingeing them. I think in a time of confusion and crisis their words are so true and like an arm around the shoulder, you’ll be okay pal. “In My Life” brings tears to my eyes. “Let It Be” is an anthem I can belt out. It’s just so good and it feels good to listen to them and why not just enjoy.

Stay well.

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