Inspiration Monday: 20 Days

Inspiration Monday: 20 Days

This time of year is all about creating new designs. It’s usually a time when I release my Spring Collection, and start to make new one of a kind pieces for my inventory and to apply to shows with. February and March can be hard months for finding inspiration for me. Winter is still happening, and preparing for taxes always makes me feel antsy and bummed out.

So for a personal challenge to get the creative spirit moving out of stagnation I started (only last year) to give myself challenges that would benefit my designing, but also give me some fresh new pieces. I love these challenges because I have a couple of hours each day to accomplish them, and I have to really listen to my gut and just go for what I think might be the right direction to take the metal. I can’t get to involved with my self doubt.

This year my challenge is to make 20 necklaces in 20 days. I like necklaces because they are pieces that are very visible to the world (as opposed to a ring or bracelet). They can be simple pieces that are worn all the time or statement pieces that come out for special occasions. They tend to really express a mood and style. Kind of like Madeleine Albright and her pins.

As these challenges go, I sometimes plan ahead and make a piece that I had in mind for a couple of days that I bring to life and love the result. Sometimes I find old pieces that I worked on and then set aside halfway done, to work on later and five years later the piece is complete. Sometimes I look at my clock and only have 30 minutes to get something done, photographed and priced before I am expected somewhere at the end of the day. I haven’t made a piece yet that I am not excited about. So maybe my muse is working closely with me for this one.

A couple of the designs I have made will be going into my new Spring line. It’s really exciting for me to be playing with an idea that fits into the style and price range I want for my collection. You can find these three pieces with earrings and studs to match in the new line!

Looking for ideas for my inspiration come from all over the place. I love looking at paintings and of course nature for ideas. I love the work seen here by Lena Wolff & Jaime C. Knight. As well as these works here by Tiel Seivl-Keevers. I try my best not to look at other jewelry for inspiration and let shapes and composition be my guide. 

If you want to follow along with what I’ve been making I post everything on my Instagram and Facebook. My challenge ends this week!

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