Inspiration Monday: Year's Reflection

Inspiration Monday: Year’s Reflection

2018 seemed so long and so short to me. I don’t really pay too much attention to the passing of months as a big change, but rather the seasons. Spring and Fall being significant in changing the world around us in a spectrum of color. However, the years end is a good place to look back and see what’s been accomplished and look ahead to what may come.

I can’t believe I started my year in Atlanta at the Gift Show. One of the biggest wholesale shows I’ve done. I’m not going to hang around this subject, as it wasn’t a show that I felt really offered the type of handmade product I make, but an important show as it taught me the value in my company and how I want my product made. By me.       

The best most amazing thing about going to Atlanta, was meeting our niece for the first time. She was born when we were there and we got to hold her after a long day of packing up our booth. We were able to spend a good week with her after the show wrapped up. Atlanta had a snow storm the day they brought her home. Adam and I enjoyed seeing a large city virtually shut down because of it. Except for the Waffle House.

Not only did we travel to Atlanta twice this year, we got to experience two weeks in Northern Italy and a week hopping around Belgium. I told you a little about this trip, and I am still amazed by everything we experienced.

We spent a week at Frogwood in the Colton Oregon woods with 40 artists making whatever came to mind or wanted to collaborate. This experience really gave me some piece of mind within my art. It let me play without worry or limitation which hasn’t been something in my art practice for a long long time. We are going back in 2019, so if you are in Portland around August 17th come to the auction!

While I don’t see any trips across the ocean for us in 2019, we are planning to attend the Tucson Gem Show in February, and a ukulele show in Reno in May. These are both business trips, however traveling with Adam is super fun and we always find something that we consider “a little adventure” in each journey. Even if it’s getting lost trying to find an ice cream shop or a record store.

Our record collecting stopped for the most part in 2018. I’m not sure what happened there. Maybe I have a deep understanding that I have enough Patti Smith records and Adam has enough obscure bass and banjo records (which the dogs hate). Music remains and will remain a huge part of our lives for many reasons. Adam builds and plays instruments, we love going to concerts, and I’m always listening to my favorite artists and finding new favorites at work. I like to give out my recommendations so, try out Hiss Golden Messenger’s Lateness of Dancers. This has been my 2018 soundtrack.

I want to end this with a thank you. Thank you so much for supporting my work this year and in years past. One of my big joys within my work is connecting with my customers. One way that I get to do that in a special way is making custom jewelry. This offers a window for me into the life and what is meaningful and important to the people I’m working with. This is a long process of thank you. Thank you for choosing me to make this work for you, thank you for trusting me to make you something special and thank you for loving it. I am grateful that I get to spend my life making the work I love to make, and to be able to support my family with my creations. And this is all because of you.

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