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McKenzie Mendel Jewelry

Stalagmite Necklace

Stalagmite Necklace

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This stunning stonescape necklace takes this gorgeous Owyhee jasper’s lines and expands them into the metal. The darkened silver reminds me of the dark caves that hide these natural wonders. 

Handmade from sterling silver with 24k gold fused to the silver, 14k yellow gold bezels on sparkly brown diamond.

Measures: Pendant, three quarters wide by two inches long.

Hangs on an 20″ chain. If you would like a different chain length just make a note in checkout. 

Arrives to you in special gift box.

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  • Care Instructions

    Silver will naturally oxidize over time. I provide a dip and wipes that you can use on any jewelry I make. Commercial dips can be very harsh on surface treatments and porous stones. Try to avoid dipping any porous stones in the solution such as pearls, turquoise, variscites, opals, and jaspers. Q tips are great to get around the stones. If your piece has keum boo on it do not soak your piece in the jewelry dip. Usually a quick dip and immediate rinse in water with soap will clean your piece. Gold pieces can be shined and cleaned with my polishing wipes I provide and if you need to get behind a stone use hot soapy water and a soft toothbrush. If the piece is already oxidized and needs to be cleaned, hot soapy water or a soft cloth work well.